AC and Brake Repair

Stay Cool and Comfortable on Marietta's Hottest Days with AC Repair

Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system not blowing cold air as it should? Don’t let the humid and scorching Georgia summers get the best of you. Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta specializes in AC repair to keep you and your family cool and comfy on the road. Keep your car or SUV cool in the sweltering heat this summer with affordable and professional car air conditioning repair at Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta. Whether your AC system isn’t producing enough cold air, your heater is not working adequately, or there is an issue with your fan, our professionals can come to your home or office for a full-service inspection and repair. This is the benefit of choosing a reliable mobile mechanic in Marietta, GA.

Prompt and Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs in Marietta, GA

After our friendly and experienced team performs full automotive diagnostics, we will discuss any air conditioning issues and problems and identify the main source of your car’s AC issue. Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta will get your car or hatchback serviced quickly and professionally thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in working with AC and heater repair. We also provide other maintenance services and auto repair in Marietta, GA, such as engine repair.

Why is My AC Not Running Properly?

There are several reasons your air conditioner system may not be running efficiently or properly. You will be pleased to know that most signs are fairly straightforward, obvious, and simple to identify. Here are a couple of signs you should watch out for:

  • The AC is blowing warm air
  • Unusual or strange clicking noises when your AC is running
  • Inability to switch from air conditioner to heater and vice versa
  • Difficulty adjusting fan speed or temperature

If you face these problems or experience other unusual symptoms, you can rely on us for car repair in Marietta, GA. Our professionals will help you understand why your climate control is not working properly and what Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta can do to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Regardless of the type of issue or complexity of the task, we have the tools and parts to repair your system.

Our Diagnosis Process

  • Inspection of the air conditioning system for noticeable signs of leaks
  • Vacuum test system
  • Reclaim any remaining Freon from the system for filtering
  • Add Freon at an additional charge

Our skilled and experienced technicians and mobile mechanics are well-versed in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of AC issues to meet your needs. Whether it’s a refrigerant leak, a faulty compressor, or a malfunctioning blower motor, you can rely on us to identify the root cause and provide efficient repairs.

Brake Repair Services

Your vehicle’s brakes are an important part of your car and are crucial for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Are you experiencing signs of brake trouble? Some of the common signs include squeaking, reduced stopping power or grinding. If you experience these issues, you should address the issue promptly. At Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta, we have experts and repair technicians who specialize in brake repair. You can count on us to keep you driving with confidence and peace of mind.

Brake Pad Replacement

Did you know worn-out or damaged brake pads can compromise your vehicle’s braking efficiency and increase stopping distances? Our skilled and trained technicians and mobile mechanics will inspect your brake pads and recommend replacements if necessary. We will install high-quality and reliable pads to restore optimal braking performance.

Brake Fluid Flush

You may know that with time, brake fluid can become contaminated, losing its effectiveness. This can be risky. Our team will perform a brake fluid flush to remove old fluid and replace it with fresh, clean fluid, ensuring proper brake function and performance.

Air Filter Replacement

A clean and functional air filter is essential for maintaining optimal brake performance. Our team inspects your air filter and replaces it if it’s dirty or clogged. This allows for proper airflow and prevents potential brake issues.

Partner With Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta for Brake Repair

Thorough Inspections

With the best tools and diagnostics, our technicians will conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of your braking system to identify any issues. After that, we provide accurate recommendations for repairs.

Skilled Repairs

Our experienced technicians and mobile mechanics in Marietta can address a wide range of brake problems and issues. From worn and damaged brake pads to brake fluid leaks, we have you covered.

Safety Assurance

Your safety and security is our priority. Our team takes every brake repair seriously, ensuring your vehicle’s braking system meets all safety standards.

Get in Touch and Say Goodbye to Car Troubles

Don’t compromise your safety or comfort on the road. Contact Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta today for top-notch and affordable AC repair and brake repair services. We’ll keep you cool during those hot Marietta summers and provide reliable brakes for a secure and confident driving experience.