Oil Change and Maintenance

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Looking after your vehicle and its parts is essential. However, sometimes life gets busy, and you may forget about the regular tweaks, maintenance, and tune-ups that your car needs. Our mobile mechanics in Marietta will come to your home or work to offer maintenance service or perform a tune-up. We service all types of automobiles, such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. Give us a call so we can come and help get you back on the road.

As a leading mobile mechanic in Marietta, GA, Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta understands the importance of regular oil changes, belt replacement, tire replacement, and maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Our mobile services and professional team bring convenience and expertise to your doorstep, making it simpler than ever to take care of your car’s essential needs.

What We Offer

Vehicle Oil and Engine Coolant

Did you know that proper lubrication is crucial for your engine’s performance and longevity? Our mobile technicians and expert mechanics in Marietta will perform oil changes using high-quality oil and filters. This ensures optimal engine protection and efficiency, giving you peace of mind. We will also check and top off your engine coolant. This minimizes the risk of overheating and maintains your vehicle’s temperature.

Belt Replacement

Worn or damaged belts can lead to various issues, such as the following:

  • Loss of power steering
  • Engine overheating
  • Alternator failure

Our skilled technicians and mobile mechanics will inspect your belts and replace them as needed, ensuring that your vehicle’s systems function smoothly and reliably.

Hose Replacement

Hoses are a crucial part of your car or SUV. If you notice leaks or wear, you must replace them as soon as possible to keep your vehicle operational. Our ASE-certified and experienced mobile mechanics and technicians will come to your location – home or office – and replace your hoses if needed.


You may know that protecting your vehicle’s exterior keeps it looking great. However, it also safeguards against the elements. Our mobile mechanics and repair specialists offer professional waxing services that enhance your car’s shine and look while providing a protective barrier against dirt, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

Wiper System Service

Our team can come to your home or workplace to inspect, diagnose, assess, and replace your windshield wipers, wiper arms, and wiper motor if needed.


Proper and timely tire maintenance is vital for your safety, security, and optimal handling. Our professionals inspect your tires for wear, damage, and proper inflation. But that is not all – our team can also perform tire rotations, ensuring even wear and extending tire life. Moreover, we can provide tire replacements and balancing for a smooth and secure ride.

Lights and Turn Signals

Maintaining proper visibility on the road or highway is essential for your safety and the security of your loved ones. Our technicians and mobile mechanics will check your vehicle’s lights and turn signals, ensuring they function correctly. Our team will replace any burnt-out bulbs or address electrical issues so that you can drive with confidence and peace of mind day or night.

Vehicle Transmission and Transfer Case Fluids

You must regularly maintain your transmission and transfer case fluids. This is because it is crucial for smooth shifting and optimal performance. Our repair experts in Marietta will inspect and replace these fluids as necessary, ensuring your vehicle’s drivetrain operates at its best.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plugs

Is your engine misfiring or experiencing performance issues? If yes, it may be time to replace the ignition coil and spark plugs. Our skilled mechanics will diagnose any ignition system problems and provide reliable replacements, restoring power and fuel efficiency to your vehicle.

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

If you would like to keep your vehicle or car in good condition, regular vehicle maintenance or tune-up is a must. To make sure that your vehicle or truck is safe to drive, and remains comfortable, fuel efficient, and environmentally-friendly, it is essential to ensure that your car is checked regularly. Marietta vehicle maintenance could range from washing and cleaning your vehicle to regular fuel checks and servicing.

At Expert Mobile Mechanics of Marietta, our goal is to provide the best auto repair in Marietta, GA, and we take pride in delivering exceptional and reliable oil change and other maintenance services right to your doorstep. Our goal is to keep your vehicle – whether SUV, hatchback, luxury car or truck – running smoothly and reliably and provide peace of mind on the road. You can trust our expertise and commitment to excellence.

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